Luxury Watercraft – Meeting Enigma Powerboats

Britain has always been a leading nation for building luxury watercraft. With some of our biggest brands selling north of 150 yachts a year and with billion-dollar-plus order books, we have some of the most skilled craftsmen and women in the world. 

With the luxury marine industry going into overdrive since the COVID-19 pandemic, a number of new boatbuilders have surfaced. The latest of which is Enigma Powerboats, a brand focussed on building a ‘Best of British’ luxury RIB range and manufacturing their craft from a small unit on the banks of The Solent. 

We sat down with Debra Hood, the name behind the brand, to understand what drove her passion and excitement when creating the brand


What was the driving force behind launching the Enigma Powerboats brand?
A passion and a love of power boating and a need to bring some sexy style, better comfort, and economical fuel usage to a RIB plus actually creating each boat to our clients bespoke onboard boating lifestyle.
You speak with a real passion for your product. Who are you expecting will be your main clients and why will they choose you over a competitor?
Thank you and yes we are putting our heart and soul into this, focusing on what we hope and believe our future clients will embrace about the Enigmas because they can see how important their specific boating enjoyment is to us, and how we work directly with their boating needs to produce each unique Enigma.
Clients…. Whoever falls in love with the Enigma and feel it fits their needs.
For example it’s wide beam and expansive deck area could host dive equipment, fit families leisure outings with comfort and ease of deck movement, others could competitively race their Enigma, chase boats for yacht crews, and the stylish Enigma would sits stunningly at the end of anyones berth pontoon for headturning admiration.
The engineering behind the project is going far further than most luxury RIB brands would do. Do you believe this is will pay off when it comes to seakeeping and providing owners with an optimum experience?
Yes absolutely… like a house on a sturdy concrete base , everything on water starts with the hull… the deck and finishing touches are secondary to what’s underneath that must ensure the boat rides level and smoothly, is consistent in all water weathers, ensures anti body shock from wave impact, and is easy to drive.
We are working tirelessly to push all innovations to ensure the above and more..
Looking longer term, what are your plans when it comes to new models and sales volume?
Every Enigma will be built with the personal greatest care and for now we need to concentrate on ensuring that the Enigma fits our clients needs so the hull and console will always be as per Enigma design with options to bespoke the bow and stern as per clients boating lifestyle.
I wish I had a crystal ball to know our future sales… this is pivotal on the response to the initial Enigma Open 38 to market.
You’ve used some incredible partners through the design and engineering process. Can you expand on who and why?
Yes we’ve known our working partners for many years and are very grateful for their continued enthusiasm input and support.
It’s imperative to combine learned knowledge with futuristic out of the box ideas to bring together all for the production of something new and exciting to the RIB market.
For now I prefer to hold their information but will applaud and inform on the web and launch.
When we first met, you spoke of being keen to work with local suppliers wherever possible. Which parts or materials proven the hardest to source locally
Absolutely.. this is a British built boat and we want to involve and use as much local British Industry part, services and associates as possible and will promote all involved in the web and launch.
Last question, when do you hope to have your first boat available for customer viewing and trials?
The million pound question!!!!!… but we are striving for September and fingers crossed it will be an eye catching,  technological, success that will be embraced and desired by those wishing to own a stunning, innovative, well thought and lovingly created Super Rib very safe, comfortable and fun.
By joining the Enigma Powerboat family, owners will become part of the build from start to finish, learning first hand how and why their Enigma is one of the best Ribs available, and enjoy one to one drive learning support for the most fuel economical and enjoyable rides in all weathers.

Enigma are hard at work towards their physical launch, however if you’d like to stay abreast of developments with the build or find out more about just what goes into these incredible craft, please use the QR code below

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