SYR turns 1!

SYR Turns 1!

And just like that, we’re celebrating our first birthday! 

They say time flies when you’re having fun, but I genuinely feel the last year has sped by like a supercar on the autobahn…

Back in October 2020 I celebrated my final day in employment and was finally out in the big wide world. Around 6 months prior I’d made the decision to go it alone and had spent hour upon hour writing notes, creating business plans and just generally trying to ratify my concept in my head, but on 28th October, it all became real. The final paycheque had landed and I now had to wait out a few contractual restrictions before SYR could be come a reality. 

I sold my car at the time, played the cryptocurrency market for a few months and set to work with a very modest budget, with the aim to develop a company that would capture interest from the start. 

The next 3 months consisted of hours of zoom meetings, pitches from salespeople and designing websites, the launch and my initial strategy. To a few it was the worst kept secret and to others it was a surprise when we launched. Either way, 1st February 2021 was a special day! Would it work? Was our branding right? Would people choose us over the competition?

Looking back now, I wonder why I worried. SYR has been wholly accepted across the industry by both ex-clients of mine and many new ones and we’ve carved ourselves a great reputation in these 12 short months. Despite a global pandemic, the company smashed my initial targets in the first 5 months and we ended the year a team of 5 and with the support of both my team, my mentor and my hugely supportive family we roll into our second year in an incredible place and having learnt so much about what and how we need to strive to improve on to continue our march to become an industry household name. 

A few of my major highlights from the past year:

  • My biggest ever placement in terms of financial value
  • Sharing successes with my team week on week – working with a group of people who genuinely want the company to succeed and are invested in its success and message
  • Being approached to support some of the biggest brands in yachting on major international recruitment projects
  • Recruiting for two of the most incredible new build projects (more to come when they break cover)
  • Working with brands that genuinely care about the carbon impact of yachting – something I am so so passionate about
  • Meeting likeminded individuals that share my view that yachting must change in order to keep moving forwards

I offer my heartfelt thanks to those that have supported and trusted us so far. As a business we can’t wait to continue to evolve these relationships as the market continues to thrive

As we look forward, there are more massive things in the pipeline for 2022. We want to challenge the industry and are going to do so in a number of ways. We want to give back and support the grassroots side of yachting, helping to ensure the longevity of yacht building through positive messaging and bringing in new talent from further afield. 

We also want to grow, continuing our international presence and offering flexible and relevant services not only in recruitment but in data, surveys and marketing support. 

I can’t wait to see where we’ll be come February 1st 2023, but I have a feeling we’ll have even more to say!

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