Operations Manager

We’ve welcomed Dave Osborne to the team as our Operations Manager. Dave has a fantastic history in senior operations roles within media and publishing, including over 10 years as Operations Director at Yachting Pages.

In his role Dave will be working closely with Ed to develop and streamline our internal processes, drive team training and development and identify key partnership and sponsorship opportunities, alongside a host of other duties.

Alongside his role with SYR, Dave is a passionate football fan and dedicates his spare time to an operations role at Stoneham AFC

Quality Candidate data drives results

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Quality Candidate Data Drives Results Let’s face it, data cleansing can be a beast of a problem. How many of us have worked for a company that only took the issue seriously once it had become a serious hand-wringer, leaving…

Montenegro – The New Monaco?

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Montenegro – The new Monaco? During a recent trip to Montenegro a number of people advised us that Montenegro is going to be the new Monaco. Do I agree? Well not really…….. However, I don’t say this in a negative…

Luxury Watercraft – Meeting Enigma Powerboats

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Britain has always been a leading nation for building luxury watercraft. With some of our biggest brands selling north of 150 yachts a year and with billion-dollar-plus order books, we have some of the most skilled craftsmen and women in…