The Importance of Shutting Off

A family friend once told me that every time he took holiday, that his Out of Office would state that any emails sent during his absence would be deleted, and to contact him again on his return. At the time I thought it was a crazy idea (he does work for the Swedish) but in hindsight I’ve never known someone to come back from a period of holiday with such a bounce and with such excitement for what they do.

Having spent the past 20 years employed, to tell an employer this was my intention would have been the fastest way to my P45. However with my first period of holiday as my own boss incoming, I intend to give it a go as well as suggesting the same to my team. How to lose friends and alienate people right……..?

Working as a member of the supply chain to the superyacht industry you notice more and more than nobody shuts off, nobody takes a rest and a heck of a lot of people end up either leaving the industry or taking extended periods of leave in order to cope with the stress of serving the UHNW market. However my question is, would the end client, the yacht owner or charterer, actually be lost if we just said ‘I’m sorry I’m trying to have an evening with my family or ‘its 5am”? I hazard a guess that the answer is maybe not.


So why don’t we all try a few things;

  • Actually finish your working day when you’re supposed to
  • Leave the phone in another room once you’ve finished for the day. Rather than sit in front of the TV go for a walk/run/read a book
  • Set your Out of Office to say you will delete any emails received during your absence
  • Spend time with the family, remembering that they are the reason you’ve worked yourself to the bone all this time and that ultimately they need you more than the income you earn.

Will it reduce our output? Highly unlikely

Will we be happier at home and professionally? Most definitely

Will it mean we earn less money? I very much doubt it!

So why not say no, turn your phone off at 6pm or actually not check your emails minute by minute when you’re on holiday?

I can guarantee that you’ll come back from even an evening off with a renewed sense of excitement for your job, a new willingness to help your clients and with a much higher level of productivity!

And if after rebalancing your work/life balance you’re still finding that you’re sad, uninspired or warn out…….then give us a call, as you’re probably in the wrong job!

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