Valuing the Recruitment Relationship

Valuing the recruitment relationship

You’re a superyacht industry employer looking to hire. You’ve exhausted your personal networks, you havent the time or inclination to post a job on LinkedIn, CV Library or any of the other job sites as you know that you’ll be bombarded with pointless applications and the likelihood of finding the right person is slim. So you look at engaging a recruiter to assist you in finding your next hire. 

How does that relationship look to you? Are you simply wishing to fill a seat and then continue on as before? Or are you looking to build a lasting relationship that will see your recruiter alert you when exceptional talent comes to market, whilst acting as an unofficial promoter of your business in the employment marketplace?

Far too often we see employers using recruiters as a last resort, a necessary evil to help them fill a particular role. They dont see the value in a longer term relationship and instead aim to drive the recruitment fee as low as possible in the hope of a quick yet cheap result. I think we all know that quick and cheap are a recipe for disaster….

So what do you gain and where are the positives when you choose to put real value on the relationship with your recruiter?

Speed of Service – An engaged and motivated client will always receive the best and fastest service from a recruiter. We make our income at the point an applicant starts with you, so the more motivated you are, the moreso we are, given the likelihood of placement to us. 

During the course of 2021, 16  SYR clients missed out on their ideal candidate due to not being motivated enough to maintain a rapid recruitment process. In all instances, the process would run too long, the candidate would interview elsewhere and would be offered an equally attractive position that would withdraw them from the other process.

SYR aim to operate on a 48 – 72 hour process for each recruitment stage, knowing that by doing so, we can limit the chance of a client or candidate missing out on an exciting new opportunity. 

Quality & Accuracy of Service – You’ll get out what you put in. Taking the time to meet with us, sending us a job specification and really helping us to understand how your business operates only serves to increase your chances of finding the right person. The more we know, the more accurate we can be, the better the shortlist we can provide you. Since the pandemic, company culture, flexibility and other key criteria have become far more important to applicants, so providing this detail only serves to strengthen your case as an employer. 

Again touching on data points, for only 55% of the roles we listed in 2021 were we provided with a formal job spec and given the opportunity to meet either digitally or in person with our client to understand their culture and their ambition. Safe to say, the fill rate on the other 45% who chose not to invest in the process was pretty low!

Access to the best candidates – Whilst much of our work is reactive, responding to the need for a particular person in a particular position, we are also constantly speaking with candidates from across the industry, forging relationships and discussing opportunities for the future. 

Amongst our client base are those keen to hire when they find the superstars, the experts in their field. They dont have to have a certain shaped hole for a peg to fit in, they’ll chisel one out if they find someone who fits their culture and ethos and can clearly bring something to their business 

Given we love the data, in 2021 we sent just over 650 candidates to live positions. We also speculatively introduced almost 900 applicants to nearly 100 different clients, both current and new, with strong interview and placement rates as a result. 

SYR as an organisation are working hard to be ‘more than just a recruiter’ instead seeking to be recruitment partners to the industry that we’re passionate about, supporting our clients throughout their hiring journey and providing them with a wide range of services and profiles to suit their ongoing needs. 

If you’d like to discuss partnering with us, please reach out to us at

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