Why clients need to be working hard to encourage new talent

2020 as a year was the main driver in a huge shift in the employment market, but big change has been on the horizon for a while, and not many saw it coming! Following cutbacks, redundancies and oh yes, a global pandemic, the jobs market has seen a massive influx of candidates looking for work, ranging from unskilled to highly skilled.

Surely a huge opportunity for employers to have their pick of the candidate market you’d think? In some industries yes, but within the Maritime sector, where talents are quite specialised, the shift has now gone much more in favour of the employee rather than the employer.

With time on furlough or following redundancy, many have now had time to reconsider their career options and also what they value most from an employer. Gone are the days of falling for a brand name or a couple of thousand pounds of pay rise. Candidates are now looking at long term career prospect, financial stability of their potential next employer and more favourable terms such as flexible or remote working.

Employers, if they aren’t savvy…….will end up left behind.

SYR as a business was a product of a change in career plans for its founder and one of the key comments we make to all potential clients is to think about how they will sell themselves to an applicant:

  • What makes them stand out?
  • Can they off career progression?
  • What is their 5/10/15 year plan?

More often than not, these are not things that are considered and more and more are leading to candidates falling from the application process as they are not inspired around their future what particular employer, instead joining a brand that has made the effort to make them wanted and show them their future.

Below are a few points that employers must consider when looking to hire, be it through their own means or through an agency.


  • What is your USP? Sure you may have built the biggest superyacht or delivered 100 motor yachts last year, but why are you better than your competition as an employer? Are you working on something groundbreaking? Will working for you allow an applicant to broaden their skills and experience?
  • Share your future with them: We’re not suggesting you share the inner workings of the company with them, but explaining a clear outlook for the company for the next 3-5 years and actually giving them some detail will make them feel valued and engage them. Its highly unlikely they’re going to run to your competition and tell them everything!
  • Career Stability: Now more than ever, candidates seek stability in their work lives and you need to show them this. Maybe you’re a startup or a large builder with a rather red looking balance sheet. Address this with applicants, rather than try to sweep it away as again, it’ll be a huge trust builder if you can show them how their future with you will be
  • Be Flexible: Whilst we all hope and are quietly confident that we’ll be travelling and back in offices during 2021, the 9-5 office workplace is really becoming a thing of the past. More applicants will be seeking flexibility in their way of working, be this tweaked hours or some time working remote. They’re not being lazy or trying to hide from responsibility, but the ability of a delayed start to do the school run or to work from home to help a partner with parenting responsibilities can and will be a huge pull for
  • Be Current: Social media, like it or not, governs most of our lives. Within the marine world it can cover anything from the design journey of a yacht, to a full blown ‘Instagram Live’ yacht

And as such, your applicants should (if they’re switched on) be very aware of the market as a whole, knowing what looks good, the latest products to be launched or the hottest new territory for your product. As hirers, invest this time also to ensure you are abreast of what’s happening. An ability to converse on the wider market in a close to real time as possible will show your applicants that you too have your eye on the ball in terms of market development.

As recruiters, we see hundreds of CVs and speak to a huge range of candidates and clients on a daily basis. It’s our job to know what both employer and employee want to see from each other, but also to advise each party on how best to impress the other.

As part of the service that we offer, we will continue to coach everyone we work with to achieve successful outcomes from their searches and would welcome any opportunity to speak further with interested parties as to how to maximise potential.

Please drop us a line, we’d be happy to help

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