Navigating Graduation

  • Posted February 8, 2023

There are always questions upon graduating university of ‘what do I do next?’ ‘where will my degree take me’ and ‘where do I even begin’. It can be challenging and daunting deciding your next move, however this step may just be the most important one.

It’s tempting to take whatever role first presents itself upon finishing your degree, whether it be relevant to your studies or a completely different avenue. This however, can impact your future applications and chances of getting your foot in the door of your dream career. There are many circumstances which can sway your decision in taking the first offer. Time can be a determining factor and there is always pressure whether it be financial or the location of the job.

During your time at university, placements are a great way to get introduced to your chosen field and make those connections with established industry professionals (which will come in handy post-graduation). Online, training and courses outside of university are also a great opportunity to get familiar and learn those crucial skills needed to progress. Throughout your work experience you can gain insights into these prestigious companies and see what life after university could look like.

Most employers do look for relevant experience to the role you are applying for and once you deviate from your desired path it can be hard to find your way back. It unfortunately always poses the question of why have you chosen to go down a different route to your education. Like the reasons listed above, you cannot always help taking a role which may not align with your studies, after all your 20’s should be about making mistakes, finding what you are really passionate about and deciding what you want to do in the future.

It isn’t easy to come straight out of university and land your dream job, it is almost unheard of. However there are certainly ways to increase your chances:

Do your research – learn about the companies and their missions, what your average day could look like if you worked there and the responsibilities they hold.

Experience – whilst studying do as many placements and as much work experience as you can, this is your chance to explore those various avenues and find your niche.

‘Job Hopping’ – try to avoid multiple, short term roles in different sectors, this is off putting for employers in terms of commitment and loyalty to a company.

Network – always take any opportunity to go to networking events, shows and lectures, (they are usually free and open to the public!) Make connections with industry professionals in person and on sites such as LinkedIn, in most businesses it’s ‘who you know’ which gives you the real advantage.

Recruiters are also not the enemy, as a young professional I see disheartened graduates almost every day. We are here to help you find your dream job or at least the stepping stone to it, not to waste your time. I advise candidates who are currently studying or approaching graduation on everything mentioned above and more, I urge you to persevere through your studies and seek help if you are unsure on what to do next. The world after all, is our oyster.

If you would like to discuss your next step then get in touch!