New SYR & UKSA Partnership

  • Posted January 30, 2023

New SYR & UKSA Partnership – promoting and safeguarding the future of yachting

An often overlooked but highly important aspect of yachting is ‘How do we keep on attracting people into our industry’. More to the point, how early do we start sowing the seeds with young people that a career in yachting is the one for them?

In a world that is becoming ever more digital and where you can make far more money from the comfort of your home office, yachting has a fight on its hands to attract individuals from all walks of life to fill an increasing demand for maritime products and services.

As shoreside specialists, SYR should be focussed on higher education and promoting training in areas such as design, naval architecture or manufacturing. However we realise that the seeds of yachting need to be sown much earlier than this, hence our decision to partner with the UKSA over period of three years with the aim of sponsoring and supporting young people, particularly from diverse backgrounds, to discover and hopefully go on to a maritime career.

Historically, yachting jobs have been staffed by individuals from specific class and race backgrounds. UKSA, one of the biggest charities in maritime, are working hard to change this demographic through the sponsorship and training of young people alongside fully supporting maritime cadetships for those who maybe cannot afford to undergo training through their own means. As a result, we’re starting to see more and more diversity in maritime jobseekers here in the UK and an increase in UK candidates being placed across maritime careers.

SYR are working with UKSA in two ways. First, supporting the training and development of young people, but secondly, offering a careers advisory outpost for those looking to come ashore after many years at sea.

Almost as hard as getting to sea in the first place, the transition from the transient and often lucrative world of seafaring  back to land life can be a challenge, one that there are few sources of advice from.

SYR as a business have specialised in careers advice for seafarers coming ashore since our inception and its hoped that our expertise in this area will lead to placement of ex-seafarers into roles in disciplines such as yacht management, brokerage, sales and much more where the people, time and discipline skills learnt will allow jobseekers to secure excellent onwards employment.

Using combined social media reach of well over 100,000 followers, the partnership will act to increase awareness of maritime careers alongside the financial support that is being provided.

If you’d like to find out more about the SYR/UKSA partnership or shoreside job placements contact SYR at

For training, courses and career advice please contact UKSA at