Quality Candidate data drives results

  • Posted January 30, 2023

Quality Candidate data drives results

Quality Candidate Data Drives Results

Let’s face it, data cleansing can be a beast of a problem. How many of us have worked for a company that only took the issue seriously once it had become a serious hand-wringer, leaving staff frustrated and impacting results? Too many, I’d guess. When things get out of hand, a database can behave like an out-of-control juggernaut… if you let it.

I’ve heard companies extolling the virtues of their database or CRM to anyone willing to listen, based on nothing more than the supposedly vast number of records it’s holding. I suppose if you can get away with such an argument these days then well done you, but come on, don’t most of us realise the true test of the data is how current it is, how manageable it is, and whether it can be manipulated to produce the results you need for quick on-going actions? It’s not how big it is, it’s how you use it!

The joy of SYR’s database is that as the company is relatively young, and knowing what we know about data, we’ve been able to employ good data management techniques from the outset, alleviating the awful issues which would take many man hours and much head scratching to put right.

Keeping control of the data includes things that can be easy to do, as long as you have the will to do them and see their importance, such as:

. Regular contact with candidates, to ensure current statuses are recorded.

. Maintaining records to reflect changing circumstances, desired work locations, updated skills and work experience.

. Understanding the motivation of a candidate to change jobs, to ensure a good fit with a prospective new employer.

Keeping the data clean and current makes SYR agile, able to respond to client requests and the search for new live job roles, with minimal fuss and disruption. Once a job brief is discussed with our team, fully understanding the role in question, the search criteria can easily be entered in to the database search parameters and often qualified candidates are returned speedily. The added benefit being that as there is such an onus put on our keeping in contact with candidates, it’s highly likely that our team will have candidates in mind before even searching the database.

Clients generally want a speedy resolution to their recruiting headaches. We are able to drill down to the nth degree, highlighting and isolating candidates that most closely fit the criteria, making the process as streamlined as possible. Although all candidates are also contacted and re-qualified before being put to the clients for consideration, we are rightly proud of the speedily efficient yet thorough processes we have in place.

SYR has just passed the milestone of 2000 live candidates registered on our database, which we are rightfully proud of. Yes, there’ll be others out there with more records, but will they know their candidates as well as SYR?

So, if you’re a candidate, rest assured that if you have the right skills for a job, you’ll be found in our database searches. However, if you’d like to chat to one of our team about any changes in your circumstances or if you’re now considering your job options, please get in contact at hello@superyachtrecruiter.com with an up-to-date CV, when one of our team will get back to you.