Founder/Managing Director

Ed is for want of a better term, a ‘Boat Geek’. With a love of the water since he could walk, he has always been on or near boats in some capacity, from racing dinghies to delivering super yachts.
His love of boating led to a technical interest in how boats are designed and built that when put into a recruitment setting, led to more than 6 years of success in global maritime recruitment.

During his recruitment career Ed has built a diverse network of industry specialists and professionals and continues to evolve as an integral member of the industry in terms of career advice and high standards of recruitment

He founded SYR to focus exclusively on the innovative, high performance and high value marine sectors and to ensure the most indepth standard of service possible.

Specialises in: High level White Collar Recruitment & Executive Search

Quality Candidate data drives results

Posted by Dave Osborne

Quality Candidate Data Drives Results Let’s face it, data cleansing can be a beast of a problem. How many of us have worked for a company that only took the issue seriously once it had become a serious hand-wringer, leaving…

Montenegro – The New Monaco?

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Montenegro – The new Monaco? During a recent trip to Montenegro a number of people advised us that Montenegro is going to be the new Monaco. Do I agree? Well not really…….. However, I don’t say this in a negative…

Luxury Watercraft – Meeting Enigma Powerboats

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Britain has always been a leading nation for building luxury watercraft. With some of our biggest brands selling north of 150 yachts a year and with billion-dollar-plus order books, we have some of the most skilled craftsmen and women in…