We Are Not A Crew Agency

  • Posted March 27, 2023

Before I get started, I should add that there is definitely nothing wrong with crew agencies, we’re just not one.

SYR has just celebrated its second anniversary and I’ve lost track of the number of comments of ‘No thanks, we’re not looking for crew’ or the opposite, ‘I’m after a Chief Stew’ or even the oblivious ‘I didn’t know there was a need for shoreside recruitment in yachting.’.

In summary:

  • No, we don’t recruit crew.
  • No, we don’t recruit for private households.
  • Yes, our logo does look a bit like a sail number.
  • Yes, we recruit designers, brokers, builders and anything else associated with the process of purchasing, designing or building a yacht!

The general point however, is that we aren’t a crew agency. We are the first dedicated shoreside recruiter in luxury yachting. Yes, there are others who dabble as part of a wider organisation, however we focus solely on supporting employers from across the world of design, build, sales, management and supply.

“Our mission from Day One was to provide the perfect recruitment service to shoreside yachting brands, using years of knowledge to network and connect with the best talent from across the international yachting market (and beyond!) to place candidates at any level with new employers” Ed, CEO.

The employment journey ashore is also vastly different to that at sea. Let me show you a few examples:

Time to placement – Crew recruitment is traditionally a high paced process, driven by qualifications and yes, I’m going to say it, how you look! Shoreside recruitment follows a much more traditional pattern. Building relationships, headhunting from similar employers and in our case, looking at where we can potentially transfer candidates in from other industries. It’s a lot more about the long-term character fit with us.  Employers look at how a candidate could progress their career, where extra skills could be utilised and ultimately the return on investment that they could provide.

CV presentation and interviews – When it comes to shoreside employment, we don’t need your photo. We need a detailed document outlining your skills and suitability for the role and, in some cases, proof of achievements or a design portfolio. We provide our clients with detailed profile notes, salary expectations and much more, giving a deeper insight into the candidates’ journey to date and where their sights are set. Have a look at our CV Advice article here.

Bridging skills shortages – Both seafaring and shoreside roles are identifying ongoing skills gaps, with less uptake into yachting roles in all age groups. SYR is working hard to introduce talent from industries such as automotive, aerospace and other exciting sectors, a move that is helping to push innovation in shoreside yachting through projects such as electric craft, foils and new materials usage.

SYR bring together more than 20 years of maritime industry recruitment experience which allows us to offer our clients and our candidates an unrivalled knowledge of the global superyacht market.

From Subcontractors working to build the most luxurious yachts on the planet through to C-Suite Directors, we have a recruitment solution for every employer and indeed every applicant.

Take a look at our Candidate and Employer pages to see how we can support you.

Moving forwards as an organisation, our long-term goals, alongside recruitment, are to secure the longevity of yachting as an attractive employment proposition. We plan to do this through providing more pathways into roles across design and brokerage and through being champions for diversity and inclusion at all levels. With a looming shortage in most sectors, we have to stop talking and start doing!

If you’d like to chat further with us about shoreside recruitment, we’d be happy to help.

Reach out to us on +44 (0)23 8235 0930 or by email to hello@superyachtrecruiter.com